Monday, 11 June 2012

Father of the Groom Speeches – 5 Points to Remember when Writing a Speech Draft

While reading some examples of father of the groom speeches is advisable, writing your own speech is still the most recommended. The reason is because the words you say to the newlyweds are the ones that will stick into their minds and live in their hearts. You must be able to have an impact on the starting married life of the bride and the groom. Here are five important things that you are going to learn and follow when making your own father of the groom speech.

The first one is to have a grasp knowledge regarding the basics of English grammar and spelling. You may not let the audience read your speech but a correct spelling helps you identify the right things to say. It is your guide to have a good flow of your grammar. If you are an English native speaker, there is no problem about that but some are still not aware of the proper use of grammar.

The second point in regards to making a wedding father of the groom speech is the writing structure. This refers to the parts that make up a wedding speech by a father of the groom. If you read some father of the groom speech examples, you observe the introduction part, main part and conclusion part. Father of the groom speeches are usually made of those parts just like other wedding speeches and toasts. So, when you make your own father of the groom wedding speech, ensure there is the introduction, the main body and the conclusion which is the last part.

Introduction is where the part to inform the audience about your relation to the couple. This first part of father of the groom speeches is where you tell that you are the handsome and the only dad of the groom. This is also your opportunity to thank everyone for supporting and welcome them for attending the event. This part must only take a minute or less which means shorten your introduction.

The next part is the main part where you can share more about the couple and tell your thoughts. It is where you express your personal support and love to them as a couple. You have to give them some great pieces of advice on how they can maintain their good marital relationship. The heart of a father of the groom speech is this part so be sensitive of what you are going to say. It must contain positive words and delightful tips or an encouraging message in general. The suggested time to consume for this part is three to four minutes. For the record, it is the longest part of father of the groom speeches and other wedding speeches.

Lastly, the conclusion is the part that completes any wedding speeches father of the groom delivers. You can finally congratulate them at this point in which you grant blessings to their relationship and family. Afterwards, you give your warmest and nicest toast before you go back to your seat and end your speech.

These five points are the keys that make up incredible father of the groom speeches. If you can estimate the overall time of delivering this kind of speech, more or less 5 minutes are consumed. Therefore, do not go beyond more than that because it is not advisable to give a long wedding speech. It must be short to ensure everyone enjoys your message. Anyhow, the content and style of your speech has to be interesting so everyone is attentive to you and appreciate your effort and time in sharing a very wonderful message.

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