Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Wedding Toast that Everyone Would Remember - Add Humor

A wedding toast or speech is a highlight of the celebration of the wedding of a couple. Whether you are the father of the bride or the mother of the groom, the best man or the maid of honor, this is one thing that you need to do during the wedding. Since this is considered as a highlight of the event, it is imperative to make it funny and interesting. It must be enjoyed by the audience especially the newlyweds. Here is a checklist of what you must keep in mind when preparing a good wedding speech.

To make a speech that is funny, you are encouraged to read wedding toast examples which can give you clues of how jokes and humor are added. The examples to read must have humor so specify the kind of wedding speeches to search. They are found in different websites and blogs that feature wedding speeches and toasts.

You can also research a list of funny wedding quotes and jokes. Wedding toast quotes can be very helpful. This allows you to adopt one of the best and really funny quotes for wedding speeches. If you are able to make an original one that would be very great.

Quotes and jokes are not the only ones to add in a wedding toast. You may also share some funny stories that happened. As long as they do not humiliate anyone, funny stories are excellent ingredients of a speech.

Aside from researching online, getting recommendations from friends is another thing you may consider. Some people are born to be naturally funny and give laughable jokes. Others are not funny and comedians who may end up giving in an awkward way. You may not be a really funny person but if you know somebody who can give you nice jokes it is not a bad idea .

One thing to remember when sharing a funny wedding toast and speech during a wedding celebration is to know the limitation. You must not give anything that can offend anybody. The audience consists of different types and ages of people. There will be children so never give any dirty or adult jokes. You have to keep your humor as clean and friendly as possible.

It is also imperative to limit the jokes or funny stories you are going to share. The wedding toast is not to fully entertain the audience. It is a message that connotes love, support and care to the couple. You are expected to give interesting pieces of advice too. Regardless of your relation to the bride or to the groom, make your speech and toast heartfelt. Jokes and funny stories may be remembered but the heart of the speech is useless without sentiments.

Before you start writing your wedding toast and speech, there are some questions you need to answer. Some of the questions are regarded as guideline. Are my jokes appropriate for the occasion and the type of audience who would listen to them? Would I really make the listeners laugh through the jokes and funny stories I’ll share? Do I share wedding jokes and quotes that are not very common? It is very important to ask these questions and answer them yourself because they can help you evaluate the humor you are adding to the speech.

For the best samples of speeches and toasts that can help you write a wedding toast, Wedding Speeches For All is recommended. You must check out its websites where you can find excellent samples of jokes and speeches as well as articles for more tips. There are good examples for father of the groom speech, mother of the groom speech, maid of honor speech and best man speech.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wedding Cakes - Great Ideas of Selecting a Cake for the Wedding

Wedding cakes are one of the highlights during a wedding celebration. The party is not complete without a beautiful cake! This does not only used for display but the bride and the groom is expected to make a slice as a part of the tradition that has been practiced for many years. This tradition means a lot in signifying the relationship of the newlyweds. We’ll not talk about the symbol or representation of this but to learn ideas for your own wedding cake.

The style is an important aspect to consider when selecting a wedding cake. It is when you look for a good wedding decoration. Before you go into details, you must first think of the theme of your wedding cake. It must be based on the general wedding theme of the occasion. The color is pretty much involved here but the most popular choice of color is white and decorated with anything that matches the theme or wedding color. The topper is as important as the motif but you are free to select. The cake may be topped with a bride and groom figure, fresh flowers, a photo of you and your partner or anything else you think that is presentable. You can also choose a topper that interests you both or tells a lot about you like a guitar if you’re both musicians, dancing newlyweds if you’re both dancers, a racing car if you’re both racers, an apple on a book if you’re both teachers, etc.

Sizes vary on wedding cakes too from small to medium and large to extra large. It entirely depends on the number of layers. The more layers a cake has the bigger and taller it is. Again, the width matters too to come up with a size. Most couples do not choose cakes for their weddings that are small or baked in a few layers.

There is also a list of shapes to think about when choosing. It can be round, square, rectangle or something unique such as trapezoid, star and heart. It is also possible to combine two or more shapes in a single cake. The shape can do a lot to give rooms for each wedding decoration to use.

Fondant makes a good contribution in making a wedding cake presentable. They create decorations and styles but because of the wide range to choose from it may be difficult. You have to consult with a wedding cake designer if you are struggling. As much as possible, real objects are better like in the forms of jewelry, gem stones, roses, and fireworks for cakes.

The most important of all when choosing wedding cakes is the flavor. Cakes especially on this kind of special occasion must be delightful to the sense of taste of everybody. Among the favorite choices are chocolate, cheese, red velvet, custard berries or a combination of two flavors. New flavors of cakes are carrot cake, marble cake which is a combination of chocolate and white flavor, lemon cake, and Marzipan.

Like other stuffs needed for the wonderful event, wedding cakes have various costs. Believe it or not, they are one of the most expensive items to get. A single cake may cost you thousands of dollars depending on the size, style and flavor.

If you need creative ideas of wedding cakes, it is advisable to plan it ahead of time with the right person. One way or another you have to take time in making your wedding speech too. Wedding Speeches For All can definitely help you out just as how much you need assistance to select a good and tasty wedding cake. The site consists of many valuable references, specific tips and samples of wedding speeches.