Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Hairstyles for Bridesmaids – Make Yours Simple but Elegant

The hairstyles for bridesmaids must be kept simple as much as possible. This is to ensure they do not become look better than the star of the event. The bride must still be the most gorgeous, beautiful woman of the day or night. So, what you are going to learn is how to put a balance between making you look elegant but not as stunning as the bride. That is somewhat not easy to think about but this article promises you a good result.

The bride must coordinate with her bridesmaids regarding the dresses and hairstyles to put on for the big, special day. She has to choose her own first before proceeding to the styles for her bridesmaids. That way it helps avoid having the same hairstyle which can possibly ruin her mood. The bridesmaids’ hairstyles should be really different from the bride’s. It does not necessarily mean that all bridesmaids should have the same style of hair. Besides, some girls can have long hair, while others are short or some are naturally curly and others are straight. Each of their hairstyles must be unique from each other and definitely not as beautiful as the bride’s hairstyle.

Furthermore, the hairstyle of each bridesmaid must match their dress and personality. An expert stylist can somehow figure that out. It is also a great idea to gather some hairstyle magazines to have some choices. If not on magazines, the Internet has more ideas to offer in regards to wedding hairstyles. Once the hairstyles for bridesmaids match their own individual personalities, they will surely look fantastic with their dresses on too. To give you some ideas, if the dress is strapless or with a thin pair of straps, the hair should be put down so the hairstyle is showcased. If the bridesmaid dress is not strapless, the hair, whether long or medium, has to be pony tailed with a few strips hanging loosely.

For long hair, the style varies from leaving it down or making it a bun style. Many blondes and brunettes go for a perm style too. Curly hair is so sexy and classy which is a good style for formal events like this wedding. Updo hairstyles for bridesmaids are also a fantastic choice for long haired. The use of accessories is one basic way of styling long hair. This is much simpler than having curly, updo or bun hair style.

Bridesmaids with short hair are much easier to style. The reason is because they won’t have to be very showy. You can curl up the edges or put embellishment that can accentuate the hair. Simple hairstyles for bridesmaids with short hair should not be a problem.

Aside from specific hairstyles, bridesmaids can also have the option to change their hair color. You may prefer to make your hair a little bit lighter or darker depending on what you want to have for some time. Dying hair to a different color is another great idea of hairstyling for a wedding celebration. You just check out which shade is much better for you and that can match with the bridesmaid wedding attire.

Remember that you do not have to make hairstyles for bridesmaids an issue. Just keep your style intact but with the thought of not going too far so you won’t belittle the bride who has to be the very special and most beautiful woman of the wedding. If you want to be as beautiful as the bride then you have to wait until that day arrives. For the meantime, keep it simple, classy and still beautiful.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wedding Speech and Toast - Finally Your Turn

Wedding speech and toast is very familiar and common to everyone who has attended a wedding. You have probably heard some of the best speeches and toasts already. It is also possible that you have imagined yourself standing on a stage or before a big crowd one day. Yet, the time is about to come in real life once you are chosen to be the maid of honor or the best man, or one of the parents whose child is going to marry. Whichever the case is, it’s time for you to shine and make your own beautiful wedding speech for the sake of the happy couple. You know very well just how challenging it is but also how rewarding it can be too. In short, do not feel stressful or worried yet but be excited about it.

A wedding is a very special, formal event that has to be memorable. Every person to speak at a wedding reception or even during the rehearsal dinner has to contribute in making the event very successful and memorable. As a matter of fact, the giving of speeches is one of the most exciting and most awaited moments in any kind of wedding. If you are asking to make a wedding speech, be sure that you make an appropriate one. It means that you know the right words to say, the kind of tone, the mood style and the humor for your wedding speech and toast.

You should know how important it is to avoid affecting anyone’s feeling but to give a positive outcome. If you are the bridesmaid or the best man, the mother of the groom, or the father of the bride, it is always essential to speak nicely. You are chosen to be a part of this memorable wedding because you are a close friend or a dearly beloved relative of the couple. They deserve to hear nice words and positive testimonies from someone they care for, trust and love.

One of the things that can possibly ruin the speech at a wedding is the humor. The funny words and punch lines to use should be very appropriate. The humor you are going to share must be good to listen to by all ages of people. There will be children, teens and adults who may be conservative, liberal, republican, democrats, etc. too. The point here is that you must be able to come up with something that can make people laugh and smile no matter what ages they have. Your wedding speech and toast must be consisted of hilarity, sentiment and love.

You cannot just give genuine and sincere words in order to please the newlyweds or appear to be a very loyal friend to them in front of their guests. You also have to ensure the entire crowd is going to be very pleased and happy listening to you. Basically, you have two goals when making a speech and those are to inspire the newlyweds and stimulate the attendees. Always, remember that the wedding day is one of the couple’s happiest moments. You are assigned to entertain everyone and just make them feel comfortable even if it takes you only a few minutes to do that.

Tips and guidelines are prerequisites in preparing a wedding speech and toast. It will be your first time so those are pretty much needful. You need to do learn and study things before you can say you are confident enough to stand up and share your first every speech. Make sure that you have the basic knowledge of writing and delivering a wedding speech.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Wedding to Do List - 5 General Things to Check and Prepare

Once you are engaged, a wedding to do list is a must! That’s when the hassles strike and sleepless nights begin! But this does not mean you call of your engagement or start worrying. You must be pretty excited about planning your own wedding! Speaking which, the list written down below consists of the five important things that you must prioritize in the case of planning a wedding.

The wedding date and venue are the first things to think when making a wedding plan. This gives a couple to make a timetable in preparing other things or accomplishing such tasks prior to the event. It is the very first step of setting everything up. However, you and your partner’s priority is to choose a good wedding date and the place to disclose your vows. Do you consider having a wedding during the summer months, spring time or fall season or probably the winter? Do you prefer to exchange vows in a church, at a local luxurious restaurant, on a seaside or a beautiful garden? Once you have decided, write them down on your wedding check list.

After agreeing on the venue and date, go with the theme. Sometimes, the bride has a different style of how her wedding would go, and the groom may have another interest. If that is the case, you may consider merging both ideas so you can come up with a theme without having issue to address between you and your fiancée or fiancé. The theme is the mastermind of what other things to plan for the upcoming special occasion. You won’t decide the kind of decorations to display or the color of your bridesmaids and groomsmen without a theme. Be sure to keep the theme in a large, bold letters on your wedding to do list.

Another general thing for wedding planning is money. It is the most important of all the five major factors to prepare for such very special event. Traditionally, it is either the father of the bride or the father of the groom spends money for the wedding. As of these present times, both the groom and the bride can financially contribute to their own wedding. It makes sense after all because it is your own celebration. Whether you are obligated for your own money or not, find a way to have a cheap wedding and include that on the wedding to do list. This does not mean that you make it simple and plain that it can become not-so memorable. It suggests that you limit the spending or better plan a wedding on a budget.

Included on the list are the people whom you are going to celebrate with your wedding. All potential guests and participants must be enlisted so you can give them each an invitation. List down all the names of the family members, relatives, friends and colleagues you want to invite. On the wedding check list, separate the people who are going to be bridesmaids, groomsmen, maid of honor, best man and witnesses or primary sponsors.

Last but not the least, the speech for your own wedding has to be considered a priority on the checklist. For the bride, gather some bride speeches, and groom speeches for the groom. This is a special message to address at the moment of your wedding so you can let everybody know how thankful you are and how much your partner means to your life.

So once the most awaited question popped out or, start making a wedding to do list. Be sure to prioritize those five general points when planning a good and memorable wedding.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Wedding Cupcakes - 5 Things to Consider and Prepare

Wedding cupcakes are the newest trend these days. A lot of couples prefer having cupcakes than the regular cake for their wedding. They make presentable table centerpiece because of the wide range of choices from colors to designs, flavors to sizes, etc. You are probably reading this because you want to have some cupcakes for your own wedding. Well, this article has some great and cool wedding cupcakes ideas just for you.

The first thing to consider is the theme of the cupcakes. You won’t know the kinds of decorations to use if there is no theme which must be based on the wedding theme. You cannot just choose any color too without the motif of the occasion. The frosting may be the one to have a color, while the rest of the cupcakes are plain white, brown, black, etc. depending on the flavor. It is possible to just choose plain and simple cupcakes but they have to look presentable. If the occasion’s theme is something black and white, you may prepare black and white wedding cupcakes. If it’s a beach themed wedding, the cupcakes must be in blue color or choose island as the main décor. Any design is possible to make through the use of fondants. You may like to have flowers, hearts, ribbons, doves, bride-groom figure and other symbols for wedding. Many bakers and cake designers are using this ingredient which is made from sugar so it’s edible. You may like real objects like fresh flowers which is also a great idea.

The second on the checklist is the arrangement of wedding cupcakes. Many reality TV shows about cake baking feature unique and very cool ideas. There are some cool shapes and arrangement of cupcakes. Some examples are bridal dresses, skyscrapers, and a huge guitar if the couple is into music. Believe it or not, they are all made of cupcakes! You may prefer this kind of arrangement of cupcakes for your wedding too. One common arrangement is the use of several regular sizes of cupcakes placed around a big, special cupcake as the main wedding cake. The placement of cupcakes in cake stands is also a popular choice. These are fantastic wedding cupcakes ideas that you may choose.

The size of the cupcakes must be also taken into account. There are regular sizes but it’s also possible to have larger ones. Like what is mentioned, you can opt for a much bigger cupcake that is considered as the main wedding cake while other cupcakes are in smaller sizes. The size of each cupcake depends on what you prefer since you have the freedom to choose. Just let the baker know what you want for your wedding cupcakes.

The most important when ordering cupcakes for wedding is the taste. You choose a good recipe of cupcakes from the cake to the frosting that is delightful to the mouth. For the cake, you can choose among the common and popular flavors like chocolate, blueberry, strawberry and cheese. The icings can be made of buttercream, vanilla, chocolate ganache, caramel frosting or whipped cream. Make sure the flavor of wedding cupcakes and icing or frosting match together.

The last thing to keep in mind is the number of attendees of the special event. This enables you to have an idea of how many pieces of cupcakes to order. Everyone must be able to taste your wedding cupcakes.

Do not put too much time preparing your wedding cupcakes. Remember that you also need to do a lot of things such as the construction of wedding speeches and toasts. For the best compilation of tips, templates and samples, go to Wedding Speeches For All.