Monday, 13 August 2012

Wedding to Do List - 5 General Things to Check and Prepare

Once you are engaged, a wedding to do list is a must! That’s when the hassles strike and sleepless nights begin! But this does not mean you call of your engagement or start worrying. You must be pretty excited about planning your own wedding! Speaking which, the list written down below consists of the five important things that you must prioritize in the case of planning a wedding.

The wedding date and venue are the first things to think when making a wedding plan. This gives a couple to make a timetable in preparing other things or accomplishing such tasks prior to the event. It is the very first step of setting everything up. However, you and your partner’s priority is to choose a good wedding date and the place to disclose your vows. Do you consider having a wedding during the summer months, spring time or fall season or probably the winter? Do you prefer to exchange vows in a church, at a local luxurious restaurant, on a seaside or a beautiful garden? Once you have decided, write them down on your wedding check list.

After agreeing on the venue and date, go with the theme. Sometimes, the bride has a different style of how her wedding would go, and the groom may have another interest. If that is the case, you may consider merging both ideas so you can come up with a theme without having issue to address between you and your fiancée or fiancé. The theme is the mastermind of what other things to plan for the upcoming special occasion. You won’t decide the kind of decorations to display or the color of your bridesmaids and groomsmen without a theme. Be sure to keep the theme in a large, bold letters on your wedding to do list.

Another general thing for wedding planning is money. It is the most important of all the five major factors to prepare for such very special event. Traditionally, it is either the father of the bride or the father of the groom spends money for the wedding. As of these present times, both the groom and the bride can financially contribute to their own wedding. It makes sense after all because it is your own celebration. Whether you are obligated for your own money or not, find a way to have a cheap wedding and include that on the wedding to do list. This does not mean that you make it simple and plain that it can become not-so memorable. It suggests that you limit the spending or better plan a wedding on a budget.

Included on the list are the people whom you are going to celebrate with your wedding. All potential guests and participants must be enlisted so you can give them each an invitation. List down all the names of the family members, relatives, friends and colleagues you want to invite. On the wedding check list, separate the people who are going to be bridesmaids, groomsmen, maid of honor, best man and witnesses or primary sponsors.

Last but not the least, the speech for your own wedding has to be considered a priority on the checklist. For the bride, gather some bride speeches, and groom speeches for the groom. This is a special message to address at the moment of your wedding so you can let everybody know how thankful you are and how much your partner means to your life.

So once the most awaited question popped out or, start making a wedding to do list. Be sure to prioritize those five general points when planning a good and memorable wedding.