Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Maid of Honor Speeches - The Warm Words of a Best Girl Friend

Maid of honor speeches are presented either at the rehearsal party or after the wedding ceremony which is during the reception. They are actually one type of wedding speeches the newlyweds and the audience can hear. Every speech to present at a wedding event is very important although the most anticipated are the speeches of the bride and the groom. Likewise, it is essential to give importance to the speech of a maid of honor.

It can be a personal message from a sister or a series of loving words of a very nice friend. Maid of honor speeches for sister are actually more emotional than for a friend. The reason is because a sister knows more and deeper than any friend. Anyway, whether you are a good friend or a sister, it is vital that you give a presentable maid of honor speech. So, here are some tips and clues on how you can make a good wedding speech.

First of all, you keep in mind that you need some preparation to do the speech. There is a need to have some time to make this speech. It requires you to brainstorm, list down some ideas, make a draft, edit, make some correction and finalize it. Not to mention that you have to read and study some maid of honor speech examples for additional info. This may not be easy for beginners and most especially if it is the first public speech ever.

It is rare to make a perfect maid of honor speech at the first attempt. It takes some practice to do that, so do not be very confident that you may do it well during the first time or feel frustrated if you seem like you can’t make it perfect. Just have the patience, determination and passion to make this kind of speech. No good maid of honor speeches are made without practicing. Again, have the time to really sit down and concentrate on how to complete this speech.

Maid of honor toasts and speeches have different contents. There are parts that you can be very casual. There are parts that you must be funny or share things that are laughable. There are also times when you have to be serious and emotional. All those aspects are actually necessary in any kinds of wedding speech because there are various types of people in the audience. The crowd is not just the bride and the groom but also their family and friends.

You must remember that you have to give entertainment and inspiration to them too. That being said, adding humor such as jokes, funny stories and other comical phrases as well as giving some encouraging words of wisdom or advice is a good idea that can put spark to the speech. Most maid of honor speeches have to be balanced with humor and sentiments.

Secrets must not be revealed during the giving of a wedding speech. Whether maid of honor speeches for sister or for friend, anything vowed to be kept secret remains sealed. You only have to share things that are worth listening for and knowing by the groom and the entire audience. It is not ideal that you break a vow to your friend or sister during her most special day. You rather give interesting topics to share and talk about like your friendship and the relationship of the couple. Besides, the star of all maid of honor speeches is the couple.

A maid of honor accepts the duty of making maid of honor speeches as not an obligation but a privilege and an opportunity to express love. Nonetheless, creating a wonderful piece of message is the primary goal. That’s why taking some time to read good samples of wedding speeches, tips of maid of honor speeches and toasts, etiquettes of jokes and humor to add, etc, is very important to do.