Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wedding Speeches - Different Speakers on a Wedding Celebration

The sharing of wedding speeches by newlyweds, family members and friends is a traditional part of wedding. They are delivered during the two different parts of the wedding celebration. The first part is during the rehearsal dinner which happens before the wedding day mostly the eve of the special event. The second phase is after the marriage ceremony which is the reception part.

Important speakers are usually chosen to share their own speeches at the second part of the wedding. These include the bride and the groom, their parents, the maid of honor and the best man. Let’s briefly discuss each of these speakers regarding what they have to highlight during their moments to deliver their own speeches and toasts.

The father of the groom and the father of the bride are always expected to speak at the reception of the wedding of their children. They are very important people to share words of wisdom regarding marriage, family and love. It is one of the obligations of parents to provide this kind of support especially that their own children are moving forward on their very own to start a family. If there are people to look up to by sons and daughters by any means of life status, it is the parents. In other words, whatever the kind of wedding is celebrated, father of the groom speeches and father of the bride speeches must be delivered beautifully and genuinely.

Like fathers, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom are very exclusive wedding speakers. They also have to share inspirational tips and advice about what the newlyweds have to deal with as they start a family on their own. Their concentration is to show and relay what good parents the couple has to be to their future children. The wedding speeches of each mother have to be very sincere, loving, emotional and true.

The best friend or brother of the groom is also an anticipated speaker of this very special occasion. He is known as the best man of the event so the kind of speech he has to make is the best man speech. Best man speeches are about brotherhood, friendship and loyalty. He can share what he knows about the groom but has to be positive, pertaining to his great personalities, qualities, skills and achievements.

Wedding speeches by maid of honor have to be delivered during the reception. The maid of honor has the same responsibility as the best man. So, the expected maid of honor speeches have to be about friendship and love as well. The only difference is that this kind of speech pertains more directly to the bride.

The bride herself is also a speaker on her own wedding. Her speech is addressed particularly to the love of her life, the groom. This is how she can rephrase her vows in a less formal way. She can share a few great moments they have had and future memories to look forward to. Of course, she has to mention her family, the groom’s family and everyone involved in making the wedding successful.

If the bride speech is mainly addressed to the groom, the groom speech concentrates on the wife. He can say something similar to what the bride may share but a guy has to be sentimental and when delivering his speech. For women, it is easy to open in a public place where many people around but for men it’s kind of a different thing so there’s extra effort and more feelings to bring out.

All of these wedding speeches are that have to be prepared in advance, written beautifully and delivered wonderfully. They must be able to bring an impact to everyone involved especially the bride and the groom.

While they take a few moments only, wedding speeches must be well prepared so the outcome is excellent. Any wedding speaker has to read some samples of speeches and toasts to get enormous tips or hints of how to make a good wedding speech.